Rental Beast Testimonials

How did Boot Camp help you to close your deal?

“The evaluation process before an initial meeting is important. Asking the right questions, clarifying wants can save time and energy. During Boot Camp we discussed the Q & A process that is important to have before an initial meeting. Letting the buyer know what is expected of them and what you intend to do for them will ensure things go smoother.”

Carla L.
Berkshire Hathaway

How did Rental Beast help you close your deal?

“Obtaining warm leads through Rental Beast takes the time out of looking for good leads. Usually buyers are ready and know what they want when the lead comes through Rental Beast. With the use of Rental Beast I am able to cut my search time and home tours to 1-2 showings.”

Carla L.
Berkshire Hathaway

(My) lead came from Rental Beast. The tenants will be buying after this lease has ended! (Throughout new Rental Beast Boot Camp) I was shown how the portal worked and how I can further help my clients.

Julie H.
Long & Foster

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Rental Beast.

On Saturday February 3, 2018, I closed my first real estate transaction thanks to a lead from Rental Beast. As a Nurse and now a new Realtor, I get to help people with two of the most important aspects of human life; health and shelter.

My client was in a time crunch, and after just looking at one other home for rent, he decided that (a property) Easton was just right for him and his family.  I do plan on staying in touch with (him) and help him on his journey to home ownership!”  

Thanks so much,

Denise M. W.

“I sign up for a lot of floor opportunity time in my office, so I handle a lot of rental assistance requests, but haven’t had many well qualified or serious callers. I was introduced to the Rental Beast program when I attended training.

I’m truly impressed by my experience with the Rental Beast program – the training was extremely detailed and the brochure, online training videos, and customer service call center provide excellent assistance when I’m stumped on proceeding with a referral. I’m delighted that I received my first referral the next day and have received a good many referrals in the subsequent two weeks.

I’m excited by the program and look forward to many successful transactions. Thanks for this excellent real estate program.”

Julie G.

Rental Beast is an excellent addition to our firm. Agents fortunate enough to use and work with Rental Beast will be won over by its straightforward clarity, information provided and, saving the best for last, their personnel. They have two of the best I have ever worked with, Jennifer Vollmer and Brittany Thomas.

All I can say is: Thank You!”

Neville H.

“I think that Rental Beast is fantastic. The program offers up great opportunity to make more money in rentals with real quality leads. The program also introduces a new way to speak and interact with prospects and clients who want to know more about listings outside the MLS. It is a fresh, out-of-the-box way to speak to a wider audience of potential clients, including new renters, current home owners, and first-time buyers. In fact, I just had my third Rental Beast lead on a home-purchase today!”

–Loretta G.

“The Rental Beast system has been a key part of my success as a new agent. It consistently generates very well qualified leads for me, resulting in signed leases for clients who I will continue to work with when they go on to buy a home.”

–Jon B.

“Helping to generating leads is always appreciated, but the part I valued most about Rental Beast is helping new agents navigate the in’s and out’s of the rental deal.”

–Bob M.

“Thank you for opening up doors for more ways to both generate income, and receive training and support.”

–Adam J.

“Within a few days of completing my Rental Beast training, I received a serious, qualified lead in one of my coverage areas. Tenants decided on a unit and signed the lease in a very reasonable amount of time. I look forward to picking up more leads!”

–Michelle L.